"Keep only those things that speack to your heart. Than take the plunge and throw everything else. But this way, you can reset your life and start a new lifestyle."

Marie Kondo


What is it and how it can change your life

The house is a nest for the body and mind. It is a place where sensations become more important, looking for a real well-being, leaving the world outside.

Home staging is a way to find the soul of any place. It’ a magic strategy to establish a communication, an emotional connection between your home and those who are living there.

Luxury isn’t necessarily expensive, but something relayed to the charm, the beauty, the emotion.


I define myself an international and cheerful soul. I studied in Cambridge, I took some interesting master’s degree in design, decor and Feng Shui in Milan and Miami. For over fifteen years I worked in the luxury field, growing day by day in professionalism, gaining a strong attention to the detail in home decor.


Invent and reinvent, drawing new angles and dressing them. Dip the brush of creativity into the pot of emotions. I perceive the sensations transmitted by the places, the rooms, the furniture and the people who inhabit the physical space. I try to paint a new dimension that extends the horizon. Boundary lines are dematerialized in light and any surface is only a means to feel well.



"you are what you eat" is similar to the idea "you are the place you live."

Feng Shui philosophy inspired the idea of ​​creating a living environment that enhances our feelings and the well-being, promoting an intense prosperity and happiness sensation. The way in which the environment is organized influences the energy flow inside the house and the people living there. The principles of Feng Shui are applied in all our projects. Our primary goal is to help people to achieve joy, stability and success in their life, just living in a perfect place.




Everybody has been taught since childhood to organize spaces.

Cleaning up your own room, the apartment, sometimes even helping friend’s one. Everyone feels a strange feeling of freedom and serenity when a space is arranged, clean and everything is put in the right place. There’s something deep, instilled in our souls at the base of space organization. This strange feeling leads us to manage the house, looking for that precise emotion.




Bring nature into our home is an fundamental of Feng Shui.

The objective is to have all five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood perfectly and clearly balanced in each room, creating a truly living space. Thanks to Feng Shui, we can clearly understand when and why our lives are out of balance, looking for any imbalances elementary in our home.